AdverTop – Rewards App Android Source Code


This reward app like WHAFF, AppNaNa or Offito combines all the best functionality from the earn money apps.
We added 9 best ad networks, (including gaming ad), which will begin to bring profit from the first days after publication on Google Play. Ad impressions are optimized in order to get the maximum profit from 1000 impressions of advertising.
In Russia, eCPM for video advertising was about 2,5$. For the US and other leading countries, eCPM will be 3-5 times higher. For 3 months, the application earned about 15,000$.
There is Anti-Frod protection in the application. Security settings can be managed from the Admin Panel.
What are you get?
You will get the source code of the native Android application, which work from the server. You can publish this Android app on the Google Play Store on your behalf with your own description and images. Also you can manage parameters, limits, analyze statistical data, monitor the actions of users and process requests for real-time payments. Furthermore the text, the names of currencies and bonuses, and payment systems for payments can be changed.
Over 500,000 downloads in 6 months.

Demo APK


– Source code of the application;
– Anti-fraudulent shield;
– 9 integrated advertising networks with video and commercial advertising;
– Control panel where you can manage everything. (In Russian and English);
– Referral program for users;
– All future updates are automatically added to server;
– Daily bonus for users (push-notification every 30 minutes);

You can accept applications for payments in the admin panel and pay it yourself.

Anti-Fraud Protection:
You can limit the number of video views one user per day, thereby avoiding the use of bots and autocrackers.

Advertising Grids:
You need to register as a developer in the advertising networks and add their identifiers to the application:
-AdMob (Rewarded Video);
– UnityAds (Rewarded Video);
-AdColony (Rewarded Video);
– FacebookAds (Rewarded Video);
– Fyber (Rewarded Video, OfferWall);
-SuperRewards (OfferWall);
– AdsCendMedia (OfferWall);
– OfferTorro (OfferWall);
– Adtrial (Playable Ads);


Android Studio, Kotlin


Complete instructions were given in the document provided in the application.

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