Crazy Bee – Android Game Source Code



This is a Java, Android based eclipse project ( supported all platforms like as Androids, Tabs, Android-TV, iOS, HTML5, Mac. Windows, Linux Others ) and “Flappy Type Game” as like as (Flappy Bee, Flappy Bird, Flappy Bird, etc) for any android devices ( android phone, tablet and all others ). It has the stage variations and earnings coins ( eggs ) concept as well as avoidance of Obstcles. Unique 3 game worlds.

I am selling this source code that is the latest version currently available for all Android Devices, Desktop and Web. This source code is the latest version of this code. In this source i added AdMob ( Interstitia & Banner ) banner and full screen ads, demo video, Google Play Game Service with Leaderboard & Achievements and google analytics in this version. Also included HighScore sharing networks and Trophy Challenging.

Importances :
Easy and endless runners to play for all aged peoples
Latest version of source code
Easy to re-skin and documnetation attached
Easy to controls ( Tab To Play )
Just replacing graphics and sounds to re-skin



Targeted to latest Android 5.0+
AdMob ( Banners & Interstitial )
Google Play Game Services Integration
Google Play Analytics tracking useful analytics
You can share your apps via Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, Google+ and other sharing networks
Also supported Google Leaderboard and Achievements service for players.
Integrated High Score and Trophy Challenging world-wide networks.
In App Store supported ( PlayStore, Amazon, etc ), Social sharing and Google analytic integration
Google Play Game Service and Admob SDK integrated
Developed by LIBGDX game engine
Sounds and mute options
This game can be exported to all Android Devices, iOS, HTML5, Mac. Windows, Linux



  • Cross, supported all devices like Android, iOS, Desktop, Web, ETC.



Just import source code into eclipse
Replace all the assets (images, sprites, textures, sounds, fonts)
Have tried to explain in the best possible way in the docs
I attached a full and easy documentations that is easy to understand
Google play Game Service, AdMob, how to play tutorials and all others i included in documentations
If you need help or any query please don’t hegitate to inform me

Details are in the documentations.