Classic Puzzle 15 Android Source Code


Nice and Clean Puzzle 15 is classic game known as Puzzle 15, Puzzle 8 or
Puzzle 24. In this version you have three difficulties with 8, 15 and
24 tiles to arrange. Click on them to swap position with the empty
space. Your goal is to arrange them on correct places according to the
numbers. Do it in possible less moves to make highscore. Enjoy with nice
clean wooden interface and completely random (infinite) levels.

The game is made in Android Studio without additional libraries and frameworks – just nativ java language programming for Android. Very easy to rekin and modify!


  • 3 difficulties
  • Nice wooden interface
  • High Scores
  • Included Interstitial AdMob Ads


  • Android 2.3 or higher tablet or smartphone to run the code
  • Android Studio to open and edit the source code


  • Open the game in Android Studio
  • Change the images in the drawable folders
  • Change the ad unit id to your ad unit id
  • Change the package name and version of the game
  • Compile and run the game