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Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application (REMA) is a simple to use, effective and fully-featured email marketing application with impressive features set. With Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application not only you will be able to correctly manage promotion via e-mail for your own purposes but you can also become an Email Marketing Service Provider for your clients.

Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application is an exclusive email marketing application (news letter system) like no other out there. It’s quick, it’s complete of functions for which you’d have to pay top money otherwise, it’s effectively designed, it’s well recognized, has great assistance and most of all, it’s very cost-effective.

After setting up our application, basically you get endless everything!

Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Web Application is one of the most simple to use, fully featured email marketing platform built with php. Our application is great for creating news letter campaigns as well as for many other aggressive email marketing campaigns. No you can send unlimited email without the fear of getting interrupted or blocked from smtp servers.

Our application is designed and developed in such way that it could easily manage and handle campaigns of all sizes. Now with the help of Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application, all of your emails are sent out in batches which allow you to easily send out thousands of emails without being marked as spam.

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Documentation:               http://ranksol.com/documentations/Ranksol-email-marketing-application/

Most versatile and exclusive features available only in our application… Have an existing list of subscribers? Please don’t worry, our application will allow to import your existing lists so that you can get in touch with your subscribers in just a matter of time.

Relax Yourselves From That Per Month Registration Fees

With Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application, you will never pay another per month registration fee like you do on websites such as Mail-Chimp and others. When you use those kinds of companies, those companies cause an impact at your pocket and you spend $1,000 or more a year which will only improve as your numbers of subscribers list grow.

New Functions & Features

Our programming team is always striving for excellence and with the passage of time we are looking forward to add new extravagant and brilliant features into our applications and plugins. Ranking Solutions email marketing application is actively designed and developed by our brilliant and professional team of programmers. Soon new functions and features will be launched in our application. In case you would like to enhance its scope and features. Please let us know and we will customize our application for you send us an email of your requirement and we will get that done for you!

Immediate, Helpful & Efficient Client Support

At Ranking Solutions we strongly believe that having fast, helpful and efficient customers support is important. We regularly endeavor to offer the best customers support. Our application comes with an exclusive customer’s support which can be extended upto 6 months if you need it.

No Boundaries At All

When you use Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application, there are no boundaries. Create and send unlimited number of campaigns! Make an unlimited number of lists! Have a large and unlimited number of subscribers. There are absolutely no limitations or boundaries on anything inside our application. There is not one E-mail marketing service providers company that could possibly offer you that same no-limit assurance.

Email Marketing Auto responder Campaigns

 As we have mentioned earlier our programming team is working on this application to make it more attractive, full of exciting features so that our clients and customers gets best possible satisfaction. Like email marketing auto responder campaigns, soon we will be adding more cool features for our customers. With our auto responder feature, you will be able to create auto responder campaigns which send responses such as Greetings or thank you for subscribing emails when someone subscribers to your list.

*(Simple Media Transfer Protocol SMTP)* Server Email Sending

In our applications configuration, you can link your SMTP Server to deal with delivering your e-mail campaigns. If you don’t have an SMTP Server, you can use our 3 standard or you can say default gateways  … – Mandrill – SendGrid – MailJet 

These smtp servers allow you to send e-mails to be delivered from your web server using the PHP Programming Language. That is also less expensive way for you to deliver e-mails.

Delivery Monitoring & Statistics Reporting

Monitor delivery of every single email sent out from Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application. You can always find out whether or not your e-mails reach subscribers’ mailbox. Open / clicks / bounces / complaints are instantly documented and are visualized using interactive graphs & data table. Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Applications different types of report give you a lot of useful information to help you enhance your strategies going ahead.

Simple Integration With SMTP and E-mail Services

Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application can be designed to deliver e-mail straight from your own SMTP server so that you can now get away from expensive e-mail services like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc. Set up Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application on your server and you have control over the whole system from front-end web to the send mail after sales. You have endless accessibility to any custom feature and functionality.

Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application also comes with a built-in assistance for delivering e-mail from 3rd parties service providers like Mandrill, SendGrid & Mail Jet. More gateways will be added soon.  


Try Out Our Services Today & Make Your Business Better

We are pleased to say, Ranking Solutions Email Marketing Application is completely responsive, completely tested and 100% functional at any server.  Our application is full of exciting features that will make your life easier. What is it that an average user desires from an E-mail marketing application? Please don’t worry. Pre order today and boost your marketing efforts with killer email marketing campaigns.

If you are interested, give it a try and see how it can help your business’s marketing initiatives

Customers Support And Help Center

At Ranking Solutions our award winning customers support team is always offering top notch effective solutions for all of our current and existing customers. Need help with our products? Please generate a support ticket at: http://www.ranksol.com/help2 and we will solve your remedy with an appropriate solution. You must first register for an account on our website to submit a Support Ticket. Please have your Purchase Code available when you create your account. It is required when creating your account.

Aside from products help if you would like to get a custom quote at any project please feel free to contact us via email. [email protected] or send your requirements at our support and help desk http://www.ranksol.com/help

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