Poll system PHP Script


Poll system made with Object-Oriented PHP following MVC standards.

Add polls from admin.
Every poll have options.
Every option have explanations (why user vote for this option).
Explanations are optional.

Add poll to category.

List latest polls at home page
List polls by category

Only logged user can vote.

View detailed analysis for each poll.

See how people vote (by age , by gender). Number of votes for each age and gender.

Detailed analysis for each option. See what region, nation and gender are people who vote for this option.
See explanations why people vote for this option.

Results from other polls only from users that vote for one option from some poll.

d3js charts.

Demo http://demo.plusmotiv.com/poll…   use [email protected] for username and 0000 for password.
Front: http://demo.plusmotiv.com/poll…

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D3js charts

Detailed analysis for each option

Responsive design build with one of the most popular admin templates.
Change settings in configuration files.
Easy add new language.
User management system.
Confirm before delete item.