Left Or Right – Buildbox Template


Turn Left or turn right! Sounds easy? 

Must use brain to tap left or right. It’s easy to learn but difficult to clear levels.Here is the tips:It’s aircraft’s Left or Right, not your left or right!


    • Universal Project (Android + iOS projects), Optimized for All devices.
    • Made with Buildbox 2.3.3 (Compatible with 2.2.8)
    • Heyzap integrated (Can be changed to other ad network)
    • 33 Levels
    • English and Chinese localization.
    • All artwork(PNG and PSD) 
    • All sound files.
    • Xcode 8+ compatible. 
    • Ready to publish


  • For Android – You will need Android Studio or Eclipse.
  • For iOS – You will need macOS with Xcode 8+
  • It will be good to have a Buildbox software (2.2.8+)