Shade – Buildbox Template


SHADE will test your wits, reaction, and skills.
You must think quickly and act with precision in order to survive. Turn on lights as you fly to reveal the obstacles hidden in the SHADE, or else… well that’s for you to find out.


  • Universal Project, Optimized for All devices.
  • Made with Buildbox 2.3.3
  • Xcode 8+ Compatible. 
  • Ready to publish


  • For Android – You will need Android Studio 
  • For iOS – You will need macOS with Xcode 8+
  • It will be good to have a Buildbox software (2.3.3+)


If you need to add more levels, Graphics, Characters etc, and buildbox template ,Buildbox is required.For any Question Regarding This Template You can Email Us @ [email protected]