Zgen – Account Generator Template Script


This provides an entire template to make an account generator for your self. There is also a preset database included. There is also a “README.TXT” file in there so you know how to install it.

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V1.00 (No updates on Codester.)


  • Login/Register Dynamic
  • Forgot Password page
  • Private Generator
  • News System
  • Admin Panel
  • Uncrackable Password Encryption
  • Color changing for generators
  • Added Up to 100K Accounts at a time
  • Custom Packages
  • Custom Generators
  • Connection log
  • notification system
  • a ticket system
  • Automatic ToS
  • A GiftCode system
  • And more… 



1) A server with domain etc…
2) A database



Step 1 : Insert all files on your server.
Step 2 : Insert the file “database.sql” on your database.
Step 3 : Go to the folder include and open settings.php and set settings.
Step 4 : Check the link “http://yoursite/check.php”
Step 5 : Connect with username: admin and password: password / or username: user and password: password