Drive After Alcohol Сalculator iOS


Drive after – it’s simple alcohol calculator. This tiny app created for people who do not want to drive in drunk mode. You just need to specify what you are drinking alcohol, and the volume. After that, the application will automatically send notification to you when all alcohol will be removed from your blood.


Alcohol calculator


You can recalculate time if you drank more

Having information about the actual concentration of pure alcohol in your blood you can determine the time of sobering up and decide whether to keep until the car.

Creators and application developers will not be liable for the results of the calculations and their consequences. Do not drink while driving!

Attention! The results of calculations cannot be presented in a court, serve as a basis for judicial and other actions, to be used as any evidence.


  • 100% Ready to publish on AppStore
  • Easy to re-skin
  • Beautiful and professional looking design
  • Nice logo image
  • Swift 4


  • Mac OS
  • iOS Device or Simulator
  • Latest XCode



  • Change the Bundle Identifier and Team Section
  • !!! IMPORTANT!!! Re-skin the app before the AppStore submission 
  • You are ready to go