Autos – Content Manager For Cars PHP


Autos for PHP by Rasbora Media

Autos for PHP by Rasbora Media is a responsive content manager for automotive, motorcycle, powersport, recreational vehicle, and just about any other vehicle dealership website.  Autos for PHP makes it incredibly easy to manage, display, and share your vehicle inventory on your website and social media outlets.

Modern Standards

Autos for PHP has been developed from the ground up using the latest mainstream web standards to provide the best user experience possible for your website visitors.

Responsive Design

Built with a mobile-first approach, Autos for PHP is fully responsive from end to end, giving your audience complete access to your inventory on any device.

Optimized for Search

From keyword-rich page URLs to optimized code structures, Autos for PHP has been fine-tuned for fast page delivery and search indexing.

Intuitive Design to Maximize Productivity

Autos for PHP’s true power lies in its focus. Autos for PHP isn’t trying to be a one size-fits-all content manager for all of your website needs. It is a simple to use, powerful tool for presenting your vehicle inventory to the world. Built to run on an Apache – MySQL – PHP stack, Autos for PHP can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Manage with Ease from Any Device

Autos for PHP is built on a solid foundation of standards compliant HTML5 and CSS3. Manage the display of your inventory on any device from Autos for PHP’s fully responsive admin panel. Your website visitors can view your entire online inventory from their handheld devices, tablets, and desktops, anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Customizable form fields with multiple data display options allow you to list virtually any type of vehicle. Autos for PHP’s robust search, sort and filtering features make organizing your inventory listings quick and painless, saving you time and money.


Packed with the Features You Need

Autos for PHP has all of the tools you need, without all the clutter. Get things done faster and more efficiently with Autos for PHP’s clean, intuitive interface. Your site visitors will appreciate Autos for PHP’s streamlined, mobile-friendly presentation of your inventory.

  • Responsive, mobile-first design
  • 2 minute setup
  • Search engine friendly, keyword-rich link structure
  • Advanced search filters
  • Printable page feature
  • Social sharing
  • Integrated contact form with tracking
  • Comprehensive inventory manager
  • Support for virtually any type of vehicle
  • Customizable form fields with multiple display options
  • Robust search, sort, and filtering features for managing large inventories
  • Listing analytics including exposures, views, and contacts
  • Localization options including currency and formatting
  • Unlimited images per listing
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Automatic thumbnail creation


System Requirements

Autos for PHP has a very straightforward set of system requirements available from most hosting providers. Your hosting provider will be able to tell you if your server meets Autos for PHP’s system requirements.

  • Apache 2.0+
  • PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.1, or 7.2
  • MySQL or MariaDB
  • MySQLi extension
  • GD extension
  • cURL extension


Autos for PHP comes complete with a comprehensive user manual to guide you through the setup and configuration steps as well as walk you through the use of the script.