Aircraft Sprites Icons Soviet Union World War 2


Collection of aircraft sprites , icons of Soviet Union world war 2 period  for yours mega wargame ! Originally drawn for turn based types games but can use easily in any others games. 

If you need other nations or some specific aircraft please contact me !

PS. Background IMG not included , it’s just my vision how game may looks like !


In package: 

 *  26 units with 3 types of camouflage for each aircraft (Standard , Alternative , Winter)

 *  All sprites in PNG format ( In total 78 files , size of sprites depend on aircraft size,          smallest 55×28 px , largest 217×75 px )
    Sprites size attached to real size of aircraft , one pixel = 0.12m

 *  Two PSD files , first PSD for gamma and brightness correction where all sprites in one layer , second PSD file is grayscale for coloring if needed !


For gamma and brightness correction , coloring you need Photoshop or alternative programs like GIMP or Krita.