Maze Fun Puzzle – Full Unity Package


Maze Fun is a very addictive hyper casual game. It was made by Leo De Sol Games that was named Maze & More and was popularly sold on the stores. In this game, you have just swipe your finger and guide the dot through the walls to find a way out and escape the labyrinth.

Maze Fun is a classic maze/labyrinth puzzle game with fun tweaks and surprises. Minimal 2D graphics make it feel like a classic and retro maze game. You will enjoy this clear, legible and customization Maze game. No matter what your level. The input system is designed to make capturing solutions simple.

The template of the replica developed 270 plus stages that is quite easy to use and reskin, the scripts are quite simple and you can access most of the features of the game like color gradients, sound, speed and backgrounds of the game through Unity without scripting.


  • Includes AdMob – Make money from Ads easily.
  • Total 10 Levels Included – Unlock all levels with different modes.
  • + 270 Stages Included – All scripts included for easy editing.
  • Endless Level Buildup – Every time new level has been designed automatically.
  • Reload Feature – Significant Level different stage different ways of game solution.
  • Environment – 6 different gradient colorful backgrounds with particle.
  • Transitions – 12 different transition and visual effects.
  • Optimization – Fully optimized for Android & Google play games.
  • Button Feature – Player can rate, Facebook share, sound on/off and background sound on/off during game play.
  • 24/7 Support – We will assist to build and develop this source code.
  • Advanced Featured – Puzzles range from easy mazes to much harder and advanced labyrinths.
  • Music and sound – Game comes with music and Audio features. Player can choose to turn off all sound.


To follow this documentation properly, you must have the following

  • Unity
  • Text Editor [MonoDevelop / Visual Studio or other]
  • Android SDK Installed
  • JDK installed
  • Proper Android Setup with Unity


  • Change Package ID, App Name, Icons.
  • Set up AdMob ID
  • Read Full Documentation.