Display Custom HTML Content For PrestaShop


By using this module, You can add HTML content in various blocks of your page like in header or footer or top of the page or only on Home page or display to only login customer or display to only non-login customer.

Merchants can buy this module and add promotional activity content through this module in his website like images, video, HTML content etc.



·       If you want to put login credentials at header on every page so that user can easily login from anywhere, then this module is useful.

·       If you want to display promotional image or content at left or right side of the main content then this module is useful (Note:left or right column should be enabled for that).

·       If you want to display promotions at footer, then also this module is useful.


How Module Works

1. Installation

      1.1  Import Module:

·       Through the administration of your shop :

Go to the Modules category of your PrestaShop store . Click “Add a new module”.

 Import your module .zip via the tool that appears on your screen. Click ” Load Module “. Your module is correctly imported into your store.

                   ·       Via FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

Please login to your server via an FTP client (eg FileZilla ) and drop the unzipped module in the “modules” directory of your shop.


                             Search for your freshly imported from the list of modules in the module category Modules (Note: you can search the unit more easily by typing the first letter of the module name in the search bar). Proceed to module installation by clicking “Install”.

2. Configuration

Once your module is installed, click “Configure” to configure the various settings. You should find yourself on this page.

You are automatically redirected to the ad display page (also available in the “Modules” and then “Display Custom HTML Content”  page.

You can select Hook to display this HTML content in Header or Footer or Home page or Left side or Right side.

Then set where you want  to display this content, on home page only, display to login users only or display to un-login users only or to display only when site is having SSL.

Then add a content in Editor which you want to display like Banners, video, text etc.


Then Save.

That’s it…!!