The Adventures Of The Hat Man – Unity Project


This is a 2D addictive andventure game. Looks alike Super Mario. There are some differences between the super mario and this game. First of all, in this game you can’t “die”, of u collide with an enemy u will go to the “Hell” map, then if u complete the map named “hell”, you go to the Heaven, then the first map comes. In the game you cant kill the enemys, you have to bypass. All maps has got a timer and a score meter (except the “hell” and “heaven” maps).If the time elapses, you have to complete the actual map from the start. All the data saved to a csv file with name+map name and the collected score.


  • Score collecting and saving system
  • clean c# scripts
  • documentation
  • lots of levels
  • menu
  • great design
  • ready to publish


Unity 2018.3.8f1 or higher


The documentation contains everything.