RosarioSIS Premium Student Information System


RosarioSIS is a Student Information System offering complete solutions for school management, in one responsive, multilingual web-app (PHP / SQL).

11 core modules + 24 add-on modules & plugins.

Check the demo at

Username & password: administrator


  • Responsive: compatible with smartphones & tablets.
  • Multilingual: translated to Spanish, French, Arabic, German.
  • Convert any page to PDF & print PDF reports.
  • Custom students and user fields.
  • Powerful students search.
  • Export lists to Excel.
  • Consult reports and statistical charts for decision making.
  • Online student & staff registration.
  • Modules: School, Students, Users, Scheduling, Grades, Attendance, Activities, Discipline, Accounting, Student Billing, Food Service.
  • Add-on & premium modules: Email, Email Alerts, Email Parents, Email Students, Library, Messaging, Quiz, School Inventory, SMS, Student Billing Premium, Staff & Parents Import, Students Import, Timetable Import.
  • Add-on & premium plugins: Moodle, Calendar Schedule view, Discipline Score, Email SMTP, PDF Header & Footer, Public Pages, Setup Assistant, Siblings, TinyMCE Formula.
  • Premium theme: FlatSIS.


  • PHP 5.4.45+
  • PostgreSQL 8.4+
  • pgsql, gettext, mbstring, gd, curl, xmlrpc, zip & xml PHP extensions.
  • Optional: wkhtmltopdf for PDF generation.


Installation instructions can be found in the INSTALL.pdf file.

RosarioSIS can be installed on Windows (desktop), cPanel (shared hosting) and Linux servers (VPS, cloud, dedicated).

Contact us by email if you need support for the installation or configuration.

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