Vendor Enhanced nopCommerce Plugin


This Plugin will enhance the vendors page by overriding default nopCommerce vendor page.

  • Vendor Star Rating with Vendor Review and Rating entry form on Vendor Details Page.
  • Vendor QRCode on Vendor Administration Page and Vendor Details Page.
  • Vendor Picture on Vendor Administration Page and Vendor Details Page.

It’s easy to install and also easy to customize.


  • Vendor Review & Rating
  • Vendor QRCode
  • Vendor Picture Gallery


Supported nopCommerce Versions: 4.10, 4.20


Using from Source Code

  1. Copy Nop.Plugin.Misc.VendorEnhanced folder of Source folder to Plugins folder of nopCommerce project
  2. Open nopCommerce in Visual Studio
  3. Right Click Plugins folder and Select Add > Existing Project…
  4. Select Nop.Plugin.Misc.VendorEnhanced.csproj which is inside Nop.Plugin.Misc.VendorEnhanced folder
  5. Build Nop.Plugin.Misc.VendorEnhanced (Update Nuget packages if any)
  6. Run the project
  7. Install the plugin (Steps below -> Using without Source Code)

Using without Source Code

  1. Go to Administration of nopCommerce site
  2. From Dashboard expand Configuration menu
  3. select Plugins menu
  4. Click Upload plugin or theme button
  5. Select file of Install folder
  6. Click Upload plugin or theme button
  7. Click Install to install Vendor Enhanced plugin which is listed on Plugins page
  8. After install Click Configure of Vendor Enhanced plugin
  9. Enable the required feaures