miniPOS – Mobile Point of Sale Application Xamarin


This is a complete Point of Sale app that can processes sales orders locally in the device for use in coffee shop or retails outlets. It use SQLite Database to store all system data so no internet connection required. It can synchronyze data with server via RESTFul API. With this application, you are assured to save time-consumming process of developing mobile point of sale system that support both Android and iOS devices. It was built with Xamarin.Forms with full shared code 95% and 5% platform specific code used to import data, images section and some another sections. 


Mobile app features:

Android app demo (APK file):

Google Play:

iOS app demo:

  • Sell and POS Terminal: add/modify/delete sale items, print receipt
  • Add discounts, tax, walk-in or quick add customer
  • Stockin Management: add/modify/delete stockin items, print receipt
  • Product Management: add/modify/delete products
  • Product Category Management: add/modify/delete product cagories
  • Sale Unit Management: add/modify/delete product units
  • Suppliers and Customer Management: add/modify/delete customers, suppliers
  • Stock Management: view stock balance, adjust stock
  • Sale Reports: view purchase and sell report by specific time/period, trending products, stock balances, receipt reports
  • Others: support barcode, bluetooth receipt printer, custom invoice, import/export data from/to excel file, restore and backup database…

Server for cloud database is now available,

Server features:

  • Template pages using Angular 7 and TypeScript
  • RESTful API Backend using .NET Core 2.2
  • Database using Entity Framework Core
  • Authentication based on OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0
  • API Documentation using Swagger
  • Webpack3 for managing client-side libraries
  • Theming using Bootstrap
  • Data Access Layer built with the Repository and Unit of Work Pattern
  • Handling Access and Refresh Tokens with WebStorage (Bearer authentication) – No Cookies
  • Jquery Integration (Ability to use standard Jquery libraries)


Visual Studio 2017 with Xamarin

For iOS build need Mac with Xcode installed


Please refer to detailed online documentation:–AfiUZwtkTgFgfhp~o7eF7GTKAg-thpjm2JPAebRDylJBqruQ