United – Webbased Account Generator Script


United is a responsive template for making your own generator. It has an own installer script and provides over 20 different skins.

Try the demohttps://nergon.unesty.net/gentemp/

All sample data will be reset each half hour

Connection credentials for the demo:

Administrator:  admin:admin

Normal User:  user:user

Banned User:  banned:banned

Paypal Sandbox Account for payments: [email protected]:UnitedTemplate



  • Added Shoppy Payment
  • Minor Changes
  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed “Flag Account” System


  • Fixed Paypal Payments Bug


  • Responsive & modern design
  • Over 20 different skins
  • Protection against many attacks
  • Shared & Private Generator
  • News System
  • Support System
  • Affiliate System
  • Automatic Paypal Checkout
  • Payment System with Shoppy
  • Admin Panel
  • Installer Script
  • Secure Password Encryption with BCrypt
  • Strong Account encryption with AES
  • Two Factor Auth
  • Connection log


  • A website
  • PHP 7.x or higher
  • MySQL/MariaDB Database
  • PHP Modules  curl, openssl and PDO


  1. Download the template and unzip it
  2. Upload all files on the server. Make sure you have uploaded the .htaccess file.
  3. Create a database
  4. Open the install/ path in your browser
  5. Follow the steps in the installer (Installer may be a little bit slow. Do not reload or cancel it)
  6. After finishing the installation delete the install/ folder
  7. You can now login to the generator