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Product NameiOS Camera Filters Full App
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– Now the App is an Universal App for iPhone and iPad
– Extra CURVES PACK added.

Endless possibilities to create new custom filters using the CURVES in PHOTOSHOP

(.pdf instructions files included in the .zip file)

Two storyboard files: one for iPhone and one for iPad

The project gives you the possibility to create your custom filters using the curves in Photoshop. Use the curve is very easy and requires a very basic knowledge of Photoshop. Alternatively, you can easily download free presets on web.
The App is a full Application ready to be published and requires only a very basic knowledge of xcode and admob.

Compatible with all the models of iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.x, 11.x and 12.x.


⁃ Kodak Portra
⁃ Cross Process
⁃ Diana
⁃ Negative
⁃ Color Negative
⁃ Matte
⁃ Vignette
⁃ Stretch Distortion
⁃ Pinch Distortion
⁃ Bulge Distortion
⁃ Swirl
⁃ Posterize
⁃ Emboss
⁃ Toon
⁃ Smooth Toon
⁃ Sketch
⁃ Crosshatch
⁃ Polar Pixellate
⁃ Pixellate
⁃ Sepia
⁃ Black and White
⁃ Vintage
⁃ Rise
⁃ Green Purple
⁃ Doublecross
⁃ Aqua
⁃ Amaro

Files included:
Curve files
High resolution Image files
Icon files
Launchscreen files
Storyboard file

PDF instructions files

Created with Xcode Version 10.1 (10B61)

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