Real Estate Management Xamarin Without Backend


PerfectReal is a cross-platform application for Real Estate Agencies to manage their properties listing. It was developed in Xamarin Forms, with iOS & Android ready. PerfectReal helps you build a supportive sales property, easily customizable as per you needed. The interface is designed modern, beautiful. Data is connected via the RESTful API, allowing easy connection to your existing systems. We are committed to supporting you the best.  

Link to demo:

Android app:PlayStore

iOS app:AppStore

Admin: [email protected]  – password: 123456

User: [email protected]  – password: 123456


  • Awesome UI controls from Syncfusion (with Community Licensed).
  • Built with Xamarin cross-platform development environment. Android and iOS ready in one bundle
  • Login via app directly
  • Properties listing management [CRUD]
  • Quickly add new property to listing
  • Quickly view by towns, listing type
  • My listing management
  • Change password function
  • Easy customization page
  • Powerful filter base on properties code, towns, categories, area, rent/sale price range
  • You can make a call directly to agency, owner
  • And many more amazing features to come…


Visual Studio 2017 with Xamarin

For iOS build need Mac with Xcode installed

Note: This item is mobile app package with API + database included. You can purchase our web pannel or complete package (mobile app + web pannel) here:
Web pannel

Full package


Please refer to the detailed document here:–AgORaYtvFK_LVh7A3NmxPDAqAQ-LUneddN8JAwCLo2yEye30