Multiplayer Space Game Unity


Space Foot is a simple multiplayer game in 2d.

The app is already configurate for multiplayer with photon (free unity multiplayer tool).

The app is ready to be sent to the stores and is compatible with app purchases and ads, just add them.

It has a dynamic menu of choosing models of spaceships that shows the different skills of the ships, easy and quick to change.

The app does not need major changes inside everything is already configured, can be used for multiple purposes, just change the spaceships and the background.


  • Multiplayer
  • 7 Space ships
  • Mobile ready
  • Photon already configurate 
  • 4 Balls
  • 5 Backgrounds inside the app
  • Ships different attribute and skills
  • Particular effects
  • Menu configuration
  • Easy customizable
  • Background effects


Unity last version

Unzip App

For Debugging

  1. iOS last version of Xcode
  2. Android last version of Android Sutio


  1. Unzip the app
  2. Open Unity Hub
  3. Click to add project to the app path
  4. Done!