Feberr – Multivendor Digital Products Marketplace


Feberr – Multivendor Digital Products Marketplace is a complete marketplace script for digital downloads with support system. You can sell your items an online store to suitable marketplace. You can sell anything digital items such as scripts, themes, plugins, print, graphics, mobile app, software, audio files, videos, music, digital art, filters, templates, themes, or photos etc. we provide to help of details documentation it will take few minutes to installation and setup. You can setup your own marketplace sell your items and you will get earning commission.


  • 100% responsive design
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Font awesome icons
  • Easy installation
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Build Your Own Store
  • Multi Vendor Support
  • Featured items
  • Free items
  • Ajax based filter product items
  • Price filter,item type, grid and list view
  • Pagination for blog and items,orders,manage items..ect
  • Blog
  • Comment for blog and items
  • Product items license support system
  • Dynamic pages
  • Pages menus are main menu and footer menu
  • Contact Us Page
  • Login,Register,Forgot
  • Email confirmation for registration
  • Social links are footer, every user profile page
  • Every vendor profile page
  • Every user followers and following system
  • Vendor support form
  • Items types are script,themes,plugin,print,graphics and mobile app
  • Social share integrated are blog post and single items page
  • Admin sales report and items approval report using chart
  • All vendor page
  • Shop page
  • Checkout
  • My Purchases
  • My Sales
  • Favourites
  • Top Authors
  • Affiliate Referral System
  • Item Type Dynamically Show / Hide
  • Live Preview frame
  • Amazon S3 Storage
  • Badges
  • Watermark
  • Newsletter
  • Start Selling
  • Exclusive and Non Exclusive user type
  • Upload Items and Manage Items
  • Admin also manage add,edit and delete items
  • Admin approval for manually or autoapproval
  • Every update item email notification option
  • Every payment approval for admin permission
  • Refund request system
  • Review and Ratings for items
  • Rating notification email
  • General Settings
  • Payment Settings
  • Media Settings
  • Payment Gateways are Paypal and Stripe Integrated
  • Withdrawal Option for paypal and stripe
  • Vendor withdrawal request
  • Blog Category
  • Items Category & Sub Category
  • Total sales
  • Total vendors
  • Recent Sale items
  • Commission system admin and vendors
  • Order Management
  • and more….


PHP 7.2 and above

MySQL 5+


Online Demo :-

Front Panel


Vendor Login


username : test

password : 1234567

Admin Login


username : admin

password : admin

Online Documentation :-


Laravel Version :-

Version 5.8.23

How to upgrade version 5.0 to version 6.0 :-

version 5.0 to version 6.0

Version History :-

 Version 6.0 Add    - Credit to buy item payment option added Update - Login to free item download updated Fix    - Flash sale issue fixed Update - Watermark Yes/No option updated Fix    - Contact us page form issue fixed Add    - Google analytics option updated Update - Some css updated        
 Version 5.0 Update - Item Type Dynamically show / hide to manage admin Fix    - Watermark any high resolution image will applied issue fixed Fix    - Flash sale item issue fixed Fix    - Free item issue fixed Add    - Amazon S3 storage added. it's use to large file storage Update - Thumbnail field added on items add / edit pages Fix    - Badges issue fixed on users page Update - Live Preview frame updated Update - Some css design updated        
 Version 4.0 Add    - Affiliate Referral System Added Add    - Badges Added Update - Watermark updated Add    - Newsletter Added Add    - Help Page Added Update - Countdown timer updated Update - Category dropdown updated on top menu search Update - Shop page header search box updated Add    - Top menu added Update - Login and Create Account button updated Add    - Start Selling Page Dynamically Added Add    - Footer marketfacts added Add    - Exclusive and Non Exclusive user type updated Add    - Admin media settings added Add    - Top Authors added Fix    - Mobile responsive fixed Update - Some css design added        
 Version 3.0 Add    - Flash sale 50% discount offer Count down timer Add    - Free Item Count down timer Fix    - Forgot password success message fixed Fix    - Home page feature button issue fixed Add    - Flash sale & Free Item Individual page Update - Some css updated        
 Version 2.0 Add    - google recaptcha updated on register form & contact form Add    - social login integrated Update - Free items count updated Update - Normal or Tooltip Layout homepage option updated Update - Free items homepage displayed        
 Initial version launched        

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