ExPos – Pos System with Apollo GraphQL and MongoDB


ExPos – Pos System with Apollo GraphQL and MongoDB is POS (Point of sale) build with nodejs, apollo graphql, mongodb in backend and react js in frontend.


  1. Items lists for customers
  2. Make order items realtime
  3. Configuration Admin
  4. Items Stock, and products
  5. create, read, update, delete items.
  6. create, read, update, delete icoupon/discount.
  7. create, read, update, delete tables.
  8. Receipt Print
  9. Reports Print

Features of Client + Server

  • React (create-react-app) with Apollo Client
    • Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions
  • Node.js with Express and Apollo Server
  • MongoDB Database with Mongoose
  • Authentication
    • powered by JWT and cookies


– NodeJs Stable
– MongoDB
– Recta server


Step by step guide installation in document folder

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