Ultimo WooCommerce Email Master Plugin


Woocommerce Email Master is first multi email support wordpress plugin. It is a combination of 6 sub plugins which cost like 400+ USD. We are offering all these functionalities in a single plugin. Ultimo Woocommerce Email is an awesome WordPress plugin suite that gives users easy access to the email services, all from one plugin! Think of it as the Email JetPack for WooCommerce. Rather than installing six different extensions, you just install Ultimo Woocommerce Email and enable the extensions you want.

The 6 different extensions are:

  1. Aweber : Build email automation flows with our drag-and-drop campaign editor. Tag subscribers and trigger campaigns based on the links they click and the emails they open. Create personalized welcome emails, educational courses, lead nurturing campaigns and more!
  2. Constant Contact : Constant Contact Email Marketing for ecommerce tools are built to help your online Woocommerce store grow. Find new customers, keep them engaged, and keep them coming back for more with segmented and automated emails. We offer everything you need to turn leads into contacts into loyal customers.
  3. Drip : Connect, engage, and relate to every customer on a personal level with smarter ecommerce marketing automation by Drip. Plus, every plan comes with every feature, so any online store—big or small—can out love and outsell the other guys. No one likes to be kept in a box, which is why Drip gets along with pretty much any marketing strategy you want to put in motion. With a deep library of integrations, a flexible API, and the ability to start sending quickly, Drip fits in with any marketing campaign you cook up.
  4. Email Customizer : Email Customizer WooCommerce allows you to send Customized Emails to customers based on WooCommerce order status. You can design your own template for each WooCommerce Order status individually for all / specific products.
  5. Follow Up Email : Follow-Ups are directly integrated with many of your favorite plugins and extensions, making it extremely easy to send emails and tweets no matter what plugins you are using – even if you do not have WooCommerce installed. In fact, using our API, you can integrate with any service – just install Follow-Ups and WordPress and you’re ready to go!
  6. Newsletter : Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do for your online business. Why? Because it gives you direct access to an audience that’s genuinely interested in what you do; an audience that, by signing up for your newsletter, has already shown their willingness to continue to listen to what you have to offer.