Flying Saucer Rush Buildbox Project BBDOC


Buildbox 2.2.8 Project bbdoc

Set in a galaxy far, far away players must help a little alien named Gigabar retrieve his lost fuel while maneuvering through a treacherous asteroid belt. 

In Flying Saucer Rush players must quickly tap in the nick of time in order to snag the floating fuel barrels scattered throughout. To score high, speed and precision is a must!

The graphics are stunning with a cool neon theme integrated against the dark space backdrop. There’s an animated alien in a flying saucer, shooting asteroids with neon colored flames, and highly detailed textured asteroid platforms.



  • Buildbox 2.2.8
  • android studio
  • Eclipse


  • Change all game content
  • Change all music
  • Personal change
  • Change ADS