Droid Decoder – iOS Source


Droid Decoder is a simple tool for transforming encoded data into its canonical form, or for transforming raw data into various encoded and hashed forms. It is capable of intelligently recognizing several encoding formats using heuristic techniques.


Supported Encoding and Hash Types:

 – md5
 – sha1
 – sha256
 – unicode
 – base64
 – url
 Supported Decoding Types:
 – base64
 – url
 – unicode
 Also includes a tool to convert images to base64 and reverse. Converting base64 to image.

It’s easy to re-skin and compatible with iOS 9.0 and higher.


– iOS 11.0 and higher

– Swift 5

– Pods


Open the .xcworkspace file and press (command + B) commands to start building the project.
If you had any truble to compiling modules, make to install them from pod with running (pod install) command in terminal.