Hexmine Cloudmining PHP Script


Hexmine cloud mining script provides one the means to get a cryptocurrency mining platform within a few minutes. Its helps companies that are into mining to manage their users. Hexmine supports mining of thousands or whatever cryptocurrency that exists. It is fully responsive and provides top-notched features to manage one’s users.


* Manual Payment gateways
      Supports any cryptocurrency coupled with QR code generated wallet address, always needs admin verification before the account is funded.

* Internal Funds transfer system: When activated, the user requires a MERCHANT ID to send trading funds to other users.

* Security
– Email verification System: When activated, a user is required to verify ones email address to access or sign in to one’s account.
– IP detection: System always keeps check on your account, whenever an unknown IP address is used to access your account.

* Referral system that works based on plans: When referral system is activated, each plan has a fixed referral profit percent attached it. A user only earns the referral percent of the amount the plan was bought by whom he/she referred. referral profit is added to your funds.

* Advanced plan management.
– Minimum & Maximum Deposit
– Minimum Withdrawal
– Plan Duration
– Profit percent
– Referral percent

* User management
– Send email to subscribers.
– User review management.
– View trades history.
– View ticket history & info.
– View deposit & transfer history.
– Block & delete the user.
– Search user.

* Advanced ticket management.
– Search feature: keep track of created tickets.
– Random ticket ID.
– Automatically generated and sent email
– Ticket level priority.

* News & Blog Management.
– Add & edit categories
– Add articles & edit.

* Multiple page System.
* FAQs System.
* Add Staffs.
* Multiple withdraw method.
* Livechat management.
* Email SMTP.

* Social Link management
– facebook.
– Instagram.
– twitter.
– skype.
– Pinterest.
– youtube.

* Features that can be enabled & disabled
– Referral system.
– Internal transfer.
– Email Activation.
– Withdraw limit per day.
– The balance on registration.
– Livechat(tawk.io).
– Paypal.
– Skrill.

Admin details: https://boomchart.com.ng/hexmi…

Username: admin              Password: 1234

User details:


Email: [email protected]
Password: 1234


  • Server Type: Linux (Shared / VPS / Dedicated)
  • Php Version: 7
  • Mysqli Version: 5x


  • Upload script.zip to your host and unzip.
  • Create Mysqli Database and upload database.sql (From SQL Folder).
  • Goto File Manager and Copy Paste Database & URL Information in ../app/config.php.
  • Base url shouldn’t end with a backslash

Admin details: https://boomchart.com.ng/hexmine/admin

Username: admin

Password: 1234

User details:


Email: [email protected]
Password: 1234