Finance Manager – Android Source Code


Finance Manager helps you keep track of your income and expenses.

New Latest Functionalities in Version V2: 

=> Multiple Currency 

=> Admob Integration 

=> Best Top Rated UI Designs

★Why Finance Manager?
* Management of any quantity of accounts
* Savings goal
* Properly managing your personal finances, comes easier when you have a certain goal you need to save for. 
* It can be an endless source of motivation to budget and track expenses.

* Challenge yourself by set a goal and see wether you can achieve it on the expected date
* Add a budget to remind yourself do not expense over the budget range
* Separate and manage work, personal, family with different account. You can have as many account as you like.
* Record and remind yourself every transaction you owe to someone
* Convenient and functional interface
Finance Manager – your personal money saver.
Kindly consider these Finance Manager as a guidance only.
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FEATURES include:
📌  New transactions
You can create new expenses by clicking on the Plus-Button in the bottom right corner in the main view. Now you can enter the amount, a title, a date and a category. 
Furthermore, you can specify if the transaction is an expense or income.
📌  Transaction overview
In the main view you are able to see the total balance of your transactions, as well as a list with all transactions you entered. 
By long-clicking on the entry you can either edit or delete the transaction.
📌  Categories
Under the menu item “Categories” you can see all the categories you created and their total balances, 
depending on the transactions that are labelled with the respective category. By clicking on the Plus-Button in the bottom right corner you can create new Categories. 
By long-clicking on the entry you can either edit or delete the category.


Android Stdio (Above version 3+)
Android Phone for Testing(above version 16+)
Android sdk for run project (Latest SDK Version 29)


Open Zip File and Unzip it.
Run project with using proper android stdio in your PC or Laptop or else.
After Successful run project use application efficiently.