Material Wallpaper – Android Source Code


Material Wallpaper is a mobile image gallery which run on Android platform. You can add wallpaper categorywise using Admin Panel. User can add unlimited wallpaper as well as Wallpaper Category using Admin Panel. Also, User can add, update and delete wallpaper category as well as images. This application developed on Android platform for client side and Admin Panel on PHP MYSQL as backend works as server side. Design of application and Admin Panel are very attractive, easy to use and manage easily. User can download wallpaper to their device and share images with others. Also, in this application admob integrated as well. Using this application you can save your money and time in creating application for your own image gallery and wallpaper application.

Android Application Demo follow given below link:

Android .apk Demo

Admin Panel Demo follow given below link:

Wallpaper Admin Panel

Username: admin

Password: admin


– Android Studio Project
– Material UI Design
– Back-end developed in PHP, MYSQL Admin Panel to add and manage Wallpaper as – well as Category
– Front-end developed in Android App which used to make personal image gallery
– User can download and share wallpaper
– Admob Integrated


– Android Studio Should be Installed
– Android Studio Version 2.3.1 or Above
– Website and Hosting account to make Admin Panel live
– Admob account for change Advertisement


– Download main code .zip file and Extract it
– Import that into android studio by selection Import Project option
– Extract AdminPanel .zip file and copy entire code to cpanel of website
– Make phpmyadmin database and import given .sql file given inside file
– Follow the instruction given in file