Parked Car Finder – iOS Source Code


Mark the parked car location on map so that you can easily find, revisit them or share them with family and friends.

Parked Car Finder app is for saving your car location when you parks. All you need to do is, just long press on map to create your car location. You can add title and note by tapping ‘Edit Button’ on map. You can manually add your car location as well by tapping ‘Plus Button’.



• Save the car current location with click of a button.
• Add notes to a car location.
• View history of parked locations together on a map.
• Easy to browse list of parked locations.
• Add/Edit/Delete parked locations. 
• Mark the locations favourite.
• Share the location with family and friends.
• Four kinds of maps such as, RoadMap, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain.
• Two Maps options to navigate to car location such as, Apple Maps And Google Maps.
• Zoom In/Out Maps.
• AdMob



iOS Device or Simulator (iOS 11.0 or upper)


SHORT INSTRUCTIONS:Change the Bundle Identifier and Team Section!!! IMPORTANT !!! Re-skin the app with icon and name before the AppStore submission Carefully read documentation.