5050 CF Binary MLM Software in ASP.NET


5050cf binary mlm software is a web application developed using ASP.NET and C-Sharp. this software is based on network marketing which is known as ‘mlm’. this software is non-product based helping/donation plan which is known as ‘forced mlm’, ‘auto pull mlm’, ‘auto income mlm’, ‘auto leg mlm’ and etc in which members are organized in a particular width and depth like to pyramid. in this 5050cf binary mlm plan the width and depth is limited as requirements. in this 5050cf binary mlm plan member needs to join to become as agents and then agents will invite (using own agent id) to other members and new members will be positioning under sponsor agents as downline members. in this 5050cf binary mlm plan members will earns profits/bonus till limited level.

Software Plan Description:
this 5050cf binary mlm has based on non-product helping/donation plan in which a member need to join to become as agent by selecting donation plan and the donation plan amount is devided into 2 parts for parents and super-parents. new members will be positioning under sponsors as downline members and become agents after approvals by sending helping/donation amount to parent agents and super-parent agents. in this 5050cf binary mlm plan each agents can have upto/maximum 2 depth downline and each downline agents can also have upto/maximum 2 depth downline based on 2*2 binary mlm. in this 5050cf binary mlm agents can earns downline helping/donations amounts till 2nd level. after fullfill of 2*2 depth, members need to re-activate same plan and again need to send the donation amount to the parent agents and sponsor agents to get again donations from new members. for the above services the members need to pay as fee amount to the company as service charge via paypal or epin and the 100% donation will be devided into two parts for parents and super-parents and company will not get any part of this donation. there are many plan can be activated for donation amount and many pool can be activated by the member till the validity of the fee paid to the company. if member joined in one plan and they need to start another new plan, then member will need to pay again for service fee for each plan they will activate and then member can activate unlimited pool till fee validity.

Admin Login: MLM10001
Password: zxc123

Member Login: MLM10002
Password: zxc123


Admin Control Panel Descriptions:
1. Add/Edit/Delete Donation Plan
2. View List of Registered Members and Edit/Block Profile
3. Generate EPin for Self and Other Members
4. View Wallet Balance, Transfer Wallet Balance, Withdrawal Wallet Balance

Members Control Panel Descriptions:
1. Active Pool Information
2. Available Donation Plan
3. Activate Donation Plan
4. Purchase EPin
5. Refer New Members
6. Update Profile and Photo
7. List of Pending Donation
8. List of Sent Donations
9. List of Received Donations
10. Wallet Balance View and Transfer


  • Windows Hosting
  • MSSQL Database Server
  • A Working Domain Names


  • Purchase this Project
  • Download this Project
  • Purchase Windows Hosting & Domain
  • Create MSSQL Account and Database
  • Execute SQL file Incuded in this Project
  • Upload this Project on Your Hosting Account
  • Extract this Project using Filemanager
  • Update Your Setting inĀ App_Code/SiteConfiguration
  • Installation is Completed, Now Run/Live Your Site

Please Refer Documentation File for Installation or Contact Us for Help

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