Pure React Native Symptoms Recording App


This app is for people to receive healing energy and monitor their progress. 
People can record their health problems to server and let doctors know the symptoms and track the pain of symptoms on daily basis. 
This data will be displayed on the dashboard and doctors can access this data. 
The ultimate goal of project is to track if the medicines are able to help with patient symptoms or pain to get and feel better daily.


App Features: 

1. Signup User
2. Login User
3. Record Health Problems
4. Record N Symptoms
5. Record daily Symptoms

React Native Features: 

1. Screen Navigation Animation

?2. Dynamic Graphics Charts
3. Popup Dialogs
4. AsyncStorage 
5. Custom Components


System Requirements:

1. Node Installed

2. React Native installed

3. Android studio or Xcode installed


Step 1: Run command in Project: 
npm install
Step 2: Run command in Project: 
react-native run-android