ImageManager .NET Library

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Product NameImageManager .NET Library
Product Price $9
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Product CategoryC#
Product Tags ASP.NET, custom control, imaemanager, image, image manipulation, imagehandler, mvc, on-the-fly


ImageManager is .NET library that allows you to manipulate images with one line codes

With this Library, you can resize images to make thumbnails without manual generation of miniature files. You can add your own logo upon images , convert images to grayscale, flip them, rotate them, combine all these effects, and more…

Note : Code Source Included


•    Resize Image
•    Crop Image
•    GrayScale
•    Rotate & Filp Image
•    Sepia Effect
•    DrawReflection Effect
•    Round corners
•    Brightness
•    Contrast
•    Invert Effect
•    Gamma Effect
•    Insert Text
•    Insert Shape
•    Insert Image
•    Emboss Effect
•    Blur Effect
•    Border
•    Sharpen Effect
•    Pixelate Effect

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