CX-CRUD Generator CodeIgniter


CX-CRUD GENERATOR: It is an application developed in the CodeIgniter framework, this allows you to create projects in a relatively short time. You no longer need to write code to add data, delete data and change data, everything has been handled by the application automatically. This application is equipped with several features that will be very easy for users to create applications based on a website.


Now You can generat

  1. Add, Edit Page
  2. Model, View, Controller
  3. Searching, Sorting by field
  4. Pagination
  5. Export csv/pdf
  6. Single and multiple delete option
  7. Left join. Search, Sort data from foreign table

Generate fields

  1. Input
  2. Textarea
  3. Editor Summernote
  4. Dropdown (Data from foreign table)
  5. Status
  6. Image with jQuery Dropify
  7. Radio (Unlimited options)
  8. Checkbox (Unlimited options)
  9. Date
  10. Time
  11. Datetime
  12. Best coding practice. All coding standards followed.
  13. Clean and easy code.
  14. User friendly generator.
  15. Highly customizable. You can edit template to customize.
  16. Bootstrap admin panel
  17. Fully responsive
  18. Unlimited field. You can also generate CRUD with many left join.
  19. You can integrate generated code in your project without any error.


Username and password to enter
User: [email protected]
Password: 15925621