Garden Planner – iOS Source Code


This app is all about gardening.  This app will help you create beautiful garden scapes. AdMob Implementation is there.


 This app will help you create beautiful garden scapes.

• Detailed description of Gardening for Beginner.
• Nearby Plants Distributors  with route.
• User can set nearby Plants Distributors range upto 200KM.
• Pests & Diseases :
   – Plant Diseases
   – Garden Pests
   – Non-Insect Pests
   – Indoor Pests
• Plants Growing Guides about followings:
   – Vegetables
   – Fruits
   – Herbs
   – Flowers
   – Shrubs
   – House Plants
• Set Reminder for plants watering and receive notification when a plant needs water
• Reminder list and Delete reminder.
• Quiz on Gardening – Each right answer gives 10 points.
• Share quiz score
• Deficiencies & Solutions
• Agricultural Fertilizers Details
• Terminology
• Tips & Tricks


iOS Device or Simulator (iOS 11.0 or upper


SHORT INSTRUCTIONS:Change the Bundle Identifier and Team Section!!! IMPORTANT !!! Re-skin the app with icon and name before the AppStore submission Carefully read documentation.