Chop And Mine Unity Game Source Code


Demo Apk
IOS demo (the template doesnt contain the city building part)

Collect resourceswoodscrystals and ancient bones of dinosaurs in this unique Idle game.
Let your lumberjacks chop the woods, or go yourself under the ground to dig & mine valuable resources
Go underground and carve the way to your character to collect resources, but do not touch the explosive dynamites and bombs. The mining is endlessly generated.

Detailed documentation attached


Idle Gameplay
✔Ready to PUBLISH
✔ Optimized for both Android and IOS
✔ Upgrade your lumberjacks and mining equipments
✔ Collect thousands of coins
✔ Open magical chests
✔ Complete all collections for awesome bonuses
✔ Offline Earning
✔ Enjoy a beautiful environment
✔ Relax with the cool music (even the birds are chirping)


Unity 2019


The project contains a detailed documentation about how to reskin and setup In App Purchase and Ads