Idle Fall Balls – Idle Casual Game Unity


Demo Apk
Idle Fall Balls is the new addicting simulation game in 2019. 
Watch the different balls (football, tennis, golf, pool, volleyball, rugby) fall down through the various obstacles.

Click near the balls to control them and direct to the right direction.
Upgrade your balls to generate more and more coins, improve your skills and traits.

Colorful, eye-catching visuals
The falling balls give the players satisfaction, help them relaxing
Offline and Timed Rewards
The player can collect Timed Rewards after a given time.
These rewards increase the retention, players come back more often to collect their rewards
Ball and Extras Shop
Upgrade your balls and other skills like Bounciness, Gravity Scale etc..
IAP and Rewarded Ads

  • Watch ads for Boosters
  • Buy coins for real money (IAP)



  • Intuitive, genuine gameplay
  • Optimized for IOS and Android
  • Detailed documentations (how to modify the game)
  • Cute, cartoon design
  • Different balls with different mass / physics
  • Offline Earning
  • Timed Rewards (you can collect it after a given time)
  • Upgrade shop for balls (improve the balls’s income and spawn rate)
  • Boosters (more money, faster level progression). The player can activate them after watching a rewarded ad
  • Interstitial and Rewarded Unity Ads
  • In-App Purchases
  • Extras Upgrades (Offline Earning, Tap force, Gravity modifier, Bounciness)
  • Level Up rewards


Unity 2018+


A detailed documentation included about how to reskin and setup In app purchases and Ads