Just Cats – iOS Source Code

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Product NameJust Cats – iOS Source Code
Product Price $19
Product Market codester.com
Product CategoryUtility
Product Tags Cat Behaviour, Cat Breeds, Cat Health, Cat Training, Kitten Care


Many people feel that a house only becomes a home when a cat lives there. Here are some benefits to cat ownership which will surprise even the most devoted of cat-people.

It contains very useful information of Cats, which is very necessary for cats’ owners



– Kitten care, cat breeds,  cat Health, litter box training, behaviour problems without internet

– Nearby Pet Store with navigation route

– Set reminder of your cat’s daily activities i.e. food, water, poop, pee, walk etc.

– Delete reminder

– Reminder history 

– AdMob



iOS Device or Simulator (iOS 11.0 or upper)


SHORT INSTRUCTIONS:Change the Bundle Identifier and Team Section!!! IMPORTANT !!! Re-skin the app with icon and name before the AppStore submission Carefully read documentation.

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