Pill Reminder – Android Source Code


We are living in a fast and busy world. ?? Therefore, how many times have you missed your medication? ? And how badly could it affect your health and life?
Pill Reminder is a free medication tracker. This medicine app helps you to remember about every pill you need to take regardless of how complex your treatment is. ??
Start using Pill Reminder and join thousands of happy users ?‍?‍?‍? who are in control of their medications. Being safer and healthier – isn’t this what you are looking for?

?Designed for you and your family
How many times have you had to care for your sick kids, having sleepless days and nights, not knowing when was the last time you gave them paracetamol or ibuprofen? Look no further because Take Your Pills is the right app for you. With our app you can easily keep track of your pill history. 
You can even see a timer showing when the next dose will become available helping you to never overdose a medicine again.

Pill Reminder & Medicine App – no registration is required! Your personal data is not released to any third parties.Kindly consider these Pill Reminder as a guidance only.

Pill Reminder Demo Link


? Key features:
• Pill reminder for all type of medications
• Get reminders of your medications at exact time
• Control dosage of your medications
• Check on dashboard how much time is left until next pill
• Easy to use – add new medication via one-page form
• Simple configuration
• Advanced sound setting


  • Android Stdio (Above version 3+)
  • Android Phone for Testing(above version 16+)
  • Android sdk for run project (Latest SDK Version 29)
  • Kotlin version installed in your pc.


  • Open Zip File and Unzip it.
  • Run project with using proper android stdio in your PC or Laptop or else.
  • After Successful run project use application efficiently.