JoyClassy – Complete Classified Ads Script


JoyClassy is a truly complete classified ads marketplace. All it’s features are built from scratch which results in having only the things which are required. It was carefully crafted with a lot of analyzing of all popular marketplaces in order to include all available features.

Admin Mode


– Multiple Ad Types
– Monetization – Earn From Ad Posting
– User Dashboard
– Google Adsense
– Google Analytics
– Banner Publishing

-Multiple languages


  1. Apache 2 or higher, with:
    • mod_rewrite
  2. PHP 5 or higher, with:
    • MySQLi
  3. MySQL 5 or higher


  1. Import the database.SQL file from the “MySQL” folder into your MySQL database using the import function available in MySQL.
  2. With a text editor open the following file located inside the ‘Script/constants/’ folder: config.php, and replace what’s between the quotes (e.g: ‘YOURDBNAME’) with your MySQL settings:
     $servername = "YOUR SEVER NAME"; $username = "YOUR USERNAME"; $password = "YOUR PASSWORD"; $dbname = "YOUR DB NAME"; $site_title = "YOUR WEBSITE TITLE";            
  3. Upload the files from the “Script” folder on the FTP server (usually public_html folder when installing it on a domain).
  4. Set the CHMOD to 777, 775 or 775 (depending on the server configuration) to the following folders: ‘/uploads/avatars’ and ‘/uploads/ads’.