Monster Blaster – Complete Unity Project


Monster Blaster! is a complete physics based game kit
that uses a brand new sets of mechanics to deliver a fresh gameplay
experience to players. Instead of projectiles, in each level you have a
limited number of bombs that you must carefully place near monsters and
then detonate them to throw them out of screen bounds! Seems simple, but
is highly addictive when played.


Webplayer | Video


– This is a full template with lots of textures, animations, soundFxs, and playable levels.

– Full support 24/7. We guarantee your satisfaction.

– Support multi-platform: Android, iOS, Window Phone 8, WebGL and Windows

– Multiple screen sizing for all mobile devices.

– Simple, but highly addictive physics based gameplay

– More than 10 dynamic in-game elements

– Full game flow with menu, world/level selection, pause and game-over scenes

– Can be used to build a 2D or a 3D game at no time!

– Mobile friendly (with awesome performance!)

– Extremely easy to re-skin, re-master or to be used as a strong base to develop a game from scratch

– Fully commented source code in C#

– No coding is required to create new levels.

– All assets are free to use in free or commercial projects

– It works with Unity built-in features and doesn’t need any 3rd party tools to get it up and running.


Unity 2019.1.7f1


A detailed instruction manual is included in the project.