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Product NameBurger Shop – Complete Unity Project
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Burger Shop, is a professionally made and easy to use time-management game template that can help you build a burger cooking game at no time. This game template can also be used as a flexible base for further development and experiments. It has all nuts and bolts to build a fully functional burger cooking game. This game template is designed for both novice and pro users. You can add new levels without writing a single line of code, but pros can also use the well commented classes to easily extend the features of the game.

Check out Android demo:Android APK



– Full game flow with Menu, Shop, Share, Rate, Pause, Level Selection and Game scenes.

– Uses Unity video ads for additional coins and buying extra time (revive from a lost game).
– Share system with auto screenshot function.

– Supports Android, iOS, WebGL, Facebook, Windows and Mac platforms.

– Comes with well commented C# classes.

– Supports unlimited number of customers, products and ingredients

– Real-time customer order generation!

– Comes with 8 predefined customer

– Comes with 14 predefined ingredients

– Comes with 3 predefined drinks

– Mobile friendly (with awesome performance!)

– Extremely easy to re-skin and re-master

– Full support 24/7. We guarantee your satisfaction.

This game kit works with Unity’s built-in features and doesn’t need any 3rd party tools to get it up and running.


Unity 2019.1.7f1


Instruction manual is included.

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