Photo And Image Converter Android Source Code


Photo & Image Converter 2020 is also known as: Picture Converter, Images converter, JPEG Converter, Photo Converter, Images to PDF, Free Images Converter, is a free image converter application on your Android device.

Photo & Image Converter 2020 is an image format converter that allows you to convert photos & images to different formats: JPG, JPEG, PDF, BMP and PNG.

Main features of Photo & Image Converter 2020:
– Convert photos & images to JPG, JPEG, PDF, BMP, PNG…
– Support some basic image editing operations before converting formats such as: Cut, rotate, zoom images.
– Easily save and share converted files for friends through social media: Facebook, Messengers, messaging application, email …
– Choose image output format (jpeg, png, jpg, pdf…).
– Simple and easy to use interface.
– With Photo & Image Converter 2020 you can easily convert PNG to BMP, JPG to BMP, BMP to PNG, GIF to JPG, PNG to BMP, BMP to JPG, etc.


##### About this source code #####

– Newest version 1.2 with 1.000+ download – link app is published by us (hdp solution – Jamba Group):
– Link download apk file to check app:
– Build with Android Studio 3.4
– Target SDK 28 – support newest Android version 10.0. Support Android version from 4.4 to 10.0 and newer.
– Admob intergration.
– Tested run well on various Android devices.
– Source code use Android proguard that protect from decompile app.
– Stable source code.
– Easily reskin layout for this app.


– You can use Android Studio version 3.4 or newer to open source code folder.


– You can use Android Studio version 3.4 or newer to open source code folder and follow instructions include in product folder to use, reskin layout and update app.