Video Hider Photo Hider Android Source Code


Video Locker & Photo Locker – The application allows you to keep videos, photos hidden safe from prying eyes. This is a secret gallery app to hide videos and photos on your Android devices.

Video Hider & Photo Hider is easy to use to keep your private videos and photos in a password-protected folder. One of the best secure vault app to hide photo, video.

Main functions:
+ Lock Videos & Photos: hide private videos or private photos with PIN Lock or passcode lock.
+ Keep your videos safe from curious eyes by password protection before accessing the application or accessing the private gallery that stores private videos / private photos.
+ Unlimited storage: There is no limit of unlimited private videos and photos, keep safe with a large amount of videos & photos in the short time.
+ Supports all popular video formats to video locker: MP4, FLC, WAV, MKV, M4V etc.
+ Un-hide videos, photos easily: Un-hide videos or photos just as easily as hiding them.
+ Tablet optimized – App’s UI has been designed with tablets in mind as well so as to provide the ultimate viewing pleasure on both Android smart phones and Android tablets.

Download the application Hide Video & Photo to lock your private videos and photos securely via PIN code & encryption now and you can share your phone without worrying about any privacy problems.


##### About this source code #####

– Newest version 1.2 with 1.000+ download – link app is published by us (hdp solution – Jamba Group):
– Link download apk file to check app:
– Build with Android Studio 3.4
– Target SDK 28 – support newest Android version 10.0. Support Android version from 4.4 to 10.0 and newer.
– Admob intergration.
– Tested run well on various Android devices.
– Source code use Android proguard that protect from decompile app.
– Stable source code.
– Easily reskin layout for this app.


– You can use Android Studio version 3.4 or newer to open source code folder.


– You can use Android Studio version 3.4 or newer to open source code folder and follow instructions include in product folder to use, reskin layout and update app.