My Name Ringtone – Android Source Code


My Name Ringtone Maker is the best app for making name ringtone as your favourite caller tune.

My Name Ringtone Maker App provides personalized free caller ringtones with desired custom text and multiple text 
suggestions & best free app for making name music ringtone as your favorite caller tune.

My Name Ringtone Maker is such beneficial app. 
By using this app you can know name of caller. 
If you are driving or busy and not able to pick up call then this app will let you know the name of caller. 
You can create new ringtone& immediately assign to contact or set as default ringtone. 

My Name Ringtone Maker is used to make ringtone of your name as your favourite caller tune.
Simply leave the boring & regular ringtones and one can create ringtone using any names.
My Name ringtone maker is the best app for making voice name ringtone as your favorite tune, not only for your own name.
You can create ringtone using any name and for anyone using this name ringtone maker application.

You can create music ringtone using any custom names. 
set it as your incoming call ringtone & Free Caller Ringtones you create will be saved in the mp3 music format.

My Name Ringone maker is very nice app and very easy touch to use.
My Name Ringtone Maker is a useful personalized caller ringtone maker app.

My Name Ringone Maker app Popular Name become part of your caller tune, when call comes then your name caller tune will speak.
As you do in my name quotes do same in this my name ringtone with music.
Here we have app in which name that song app.say my name meaning app in English then convert in mp3 song.
Then this you can use with name caller.

My Name Ringtone: name ringtone maker using this app you can create any name’s awesome ringtone
with variety of langauges like English,Chinese,French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean.

How to use:

Create Offline customized music caller tones
Start My Name Ringtone Maker
Enter your favorite name in the given textbox.
Add Prefix before your name
Type your desired name to be called when call receives
Play for testing and listen to the tone
Tap to save the button
Set as default ringtone or Set as contact ringtone

Demo Apk Download :


Offline Creation
Attractive UI Design
Caller name announcer will speck caller name
Get list of all new created ringtones in app My Name Ringtone Maker
You can select Language and listen different voice of announcer
After creating new ringtone you can assign to contact or set as default ringtone
Set As Ringtone To set default ringtone
Share and Rename ringtone with your Friend
Multiple language supported


Android Studio
Android SDK
Admob Account
Google Play Console Account


Download the Project File
Open Android Studio
Import Project into Android Studio
Replace the Admob ids and rename the game package
Replace all the drawable images with your own graphics
Build a signed apk and your Checkers game is ready to be published
Document file is include in project zip file so follow that document file to setup project.