WiFi ADB – Debug Over Air



A script to automatically connect android devices in debug mode using WIFI 

Everyday I need to connect to a lot of different devices to my computer.  Some devices have Micro-USB ports and others USB Type-C ports and I lose time plugging the devices and waiting for the ADB.  

So, I have created this script to auto connect a device using WIFI. 

**The difference to the other script and plugins:** The script save the connections in a configuration file to try reconnect when you boot your computer or when your device lost the wifi connection.

## Requirements
* Python 3

## Installation

Using pip you can install “`adb-wifi“`

### Linux and macOS:
“`$ sudo pip install adb-wifi“`

## Usage

1. Run “`$ adb-wifi“`
You can add the “`adb-wifi“` to your startup applications.

2. Connect the devices to your computer and authorized the debub.

**Attention:** If your device turns off(battery, etc), you need to plug again the device to the computer because the adb need to open the “`tcpip port“`!