QEMS – QRCode Event Management System


Infisoftglobal (ISG) QEMS (QRCode Event Management System) used to create multiple events for multiple clients. Its easy to manage all your and your partner events hasslefree.


Admin/Agent/User Features:

— Responsive Interface

— Interactive Dashboard

— Easy Login & Registration System

— Easy to Create Events

— Events Manager

— Supports QRCode

— Customer QRCode

— Multiple agents

— Multiple Customers

— Scan Customer QRCode during Events

— Count No.of Attended Events by Customer

— Customer No.of Events created by Agent

— Track Event logs by Customer

— Dedicated Terminal for Scan Customer QR (during Events)

— Mail QRCode to respective Customer

— Resend QRCode to respective Customer

— User Profile System

— Password Reset Option

— Notification System Via Email

— SEO Friendly URL

QR Terminal:

— Scan Customer QRCode to track Event Attendance

— Allows multiple scans

— Wecome message if valid QRCode/customer for respective event (invited)

— Show invalid events messages by customer scan

Demo Access (Admin):

Demo Event Terminal Frontend: Click Here

Demo Admin Access: Click Here

Username: admin

Password: password123

Event Terminal Demo Access (Customer):

Demo Front end : Click Here

Scan This QR (As a Customer Attending to Particular Event)



* PHP 5.x


* Codeigniter MVC Framework


Please make sure about .htaccess file

Documentation :