Circle Pong Squash – Corona SDK App Source Code



Easy reskin and deployment for iOS, Android, Amazon, GameStick, Ouya, Nook and Windows 8. You need only free version of Corona SDK.

Just replace your own keys & app id.

Your goal is to keep the ball bouncing inside the circle. All you need is one paddle and your reflexes. You can control only the direction of paddle movement just by tapping the screen.The rules are simple. Keep the ball bouncing inside the circle. The rules are simple but still demanding.

In short this game can be described as mix of ping pong and squash.

Integrated with ads: AdmobAdrally (mediation: Adcolony, AppLovin, MMedia, Mnectar, TapSense and Push Notifications), AdBuddiz (high eCPM). And integrate with analytics:

You can simply integrate this game with: Chartboost, RevMob, iAd, PlayHaven, inMobi, TapforTap, InnerActive, Vungle, Flurry.

Smart rating system ask user rate your game in 5 open game or waterer you want.

On game over – show social buttons: Facebook and Twitter for boost your free instals.


  • AdMob
  • Adrally (mediation: Adcolony, AppLovin, MMedia, Mnectar, TapSense and Push Notifications)
  • AdBuddiz (high eCPM)
  • Show ads when exit game (optional)
  • Smart ask rating system show popup on 5-10 open game
  • Social integrated: Facebook, Twitter
  • Random gates
  • Many background colour auto changes


  • Full Source Game Code in Corona SDK
  • Reskin Documentation


  • You only need free version of Corona SDK


Complete Reskin Documentation Guide is attached with project source files.