Christmas Tree Tower for Corona SDK



This is a fully customizable template for “tower stacking” style game with a Christmas Theme! Developed using Corona SDK. Works on both iOS devices and Android!

The game is like the popular hits on the app store, and is decorated with a marvellous Pixel art graphic!

After every piece stacked, the speed will increase, and placing the block in the middle of the previous one will become more and more challenging!

We also included Ads with AdMob (banner, but can become interstitial with just one word change), you can change them to whatever you like (Vungle,iAd, etc…) as long as they are supported by Corona SDK.
The rest of the code is well commented, should not be a problem to change any other aspect not in the config.



You can customize:

  • Initial speed of the blocks
  • Speed increment
  • Initial block starting size
  • Ad ON/OFF
  • AdMob account



  • Game source for Corona SDK (.lua)
  • All the graphic that you might need!
  • A super cool Christmas background music!
  • Anything else you might need (yep, that includes a tutorial)



The whole game with all of its features can be compiled with the FREE version of Corona SDK. No need for a paid license to use any of the features of the code we provide!
The game needs at least version 2014.2189 of the Corona SDK.



Reskinning the game is as easy as it could be. One background, and the images of the tree…you can change it to any other theme you want! All the images included (png) can be replaced in a matter of minutes to create your own personal game!

The game is also “ready to run”, just compile, add your ad tracking code and publish!

Ready for Android 5.0!