Magic Video Maker – Android App Template


If you like to make a videos of your own pics then here is the perfect app for you. Magic Video Maker is amazing video maker app which allows you select as many photos as you want and you can combine all of them and generate single amazing video with graphics from it. Sounds damn cool right?

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  •  Easy and simple UI/UX design and navigation
  • Multiple photo selection mode
  • More than 15 frames and themes available to create awesome videos
  • My creation section which will let you go through all your creations
  • You can select any song from your local storage and set as the background music
  • You can edit each and every selected image with some cool editing tools
  • Share all of your videos easily anywhere on social media and anytime you want


  • Android Studio IDE
  • AdMob Ids(Banner and Interstitial)
  • Developer account
  • Read documentation carefully


  • Open Project in Android Studio
  • Replace your Icone, AdMod Ids, change title, change package name, generate signed APK – There you Go – Upload that new APK to your Google play console.    
  • Export it as Apk and publish it
  • Every Step are well documented in documentation.